• Veggie Trumps - The World's Best Fruit & Veg Based Card Game

Vegucation at its best

This works really well. We’ve played in in the car on long journeys mostly, and it actually makes my younger son want to eat the most ‘powerful’ vegetables!


Superb game, my niece loved it and the fact that it is ‘vegucational’ is an added bonus! Highly recommended.


I bought these to use in my food lessons in September. They arrived in a nice box and came with instructions/suggestions of how to use them. I can see them as being a great learning tool for students (and my own kids) to understand the nutritional value of a range of fruit and veg and assist students in selecting and developing suitable recipes for their briefs.

S Hammett

Both of my boys love this game, and have discovered a couple of vegetables they’d never heard of and actually now want to taste! Thank you Veggie Trumps! 🙂

Stephanie Couch

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